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Full Version: Vuejs and front end tips and tricks
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Hi guys,

Please share any tips and tricks you have when using vuejs or free javascript libraries.

Check out the vuejs primer video here. Once you start using it you won't regret it.
Javascript - Jquery Useful front end components

Rich Text Editors

Date Pickers

Sortable and nestable

Datatables - sort and search tables dynamically

Search and select - better searching select lists

Tree view

Favourite responsive sliders


Native HTML5 book flip

Caption hovers

Favourite responsive menu with possibility of a mega menu
Vuejs [ONLY] Useful frontend components to be added
Just found a rather useful page for vue components, admittedly most of these are found above as separate libraries such as fuelux but it is useful to know we can just use Vue instead.

Tagging @skunkbad for reference.