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Full Version: Do I need escaping url on each method?
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Hi, guys.

I have class page with methods like this:
index() (uses list() method inside)
add()  (uses form() method inside)
edit()  (uses form() method inside)
delete()  (uses form() method inside)

I have field filter_name for filtering pages in index() method with this script

$('#button-filter').on('click', function() {
       var url = '<?php echo base_url('page/index'); ?>';

       var filter_name = $('input[name=\'filter_name\']').val();

       if (filter_name) {
               url += '/filter_name/' + fixedEncodeURIComponent(filter_name);

       location = url;

Then links are created with filter_name section:

private function list() {

               // url for links add/delete/etc
               $url = array();
               $urls = array('filter_name', 'sort', 'order', 'per_page');

               foreach ($urls as $u1) {

                   if (isset($this->uris[$u1])) {
                       $url[$u1] = $this->uris[$u1];

               $data['action']['add'] = base_url('page/add/' . $this->uri->assoc_to_uri($url));
               $data['action']['edit'] = base_url('page/edit/' . (empty($this->uri->assoc_to_uri($url)) ? '' : $this->uri->assoc_to_uri($url) . '/') . 'page_id/');
               $data['action']['copy'] = base_url('page/copy/' . $this->uri->assoc_to_uri($url));
               $data['action']['delete'] = base_url('page/delete/' . $this->uri->assoc_to_uri($url));

               // Here we must decode encoded name
               $data['filter_name'] = rawurldecode($this->uris['filter_name'] ?? '');


So, my question. Is this safe in security point of view? Or I must do something like this

if (isset($this->uris[$u1])) {
                       $url[$u1] = rawurlencode($this->uris[$u1]);

But this gets me problem when click on add button and then return to the original list page.

$this->uris aren't a standard array. Please post how you populate it.
I use extended controller scheme.

class MY_Controller extends CI_Controller {

       protected $uris = array();

       function __construct() {

           $this->uris = $this->uri->uri_to_assoc(3);

I use the next uri scheme:
What kind of data are you passing thru the url and how do you use $data['filter_name'] afterwards?

Codeigniter will only accept characters inside $config['permitted_uri_chars'] in the url, but as you convert everything in the url. It won't look for any illegal characters as there aren't any.