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Full Version: YEAR in active record
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HI , i have a table :

 `id` bigint(20) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
  `data` date NOT NULL,
  `numero_settimana` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `giorno_settimanale` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
  `orari_apertura_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `stato_agenda_id` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL COMMENT '= aperto chiuso o prenotato',
  `clienti_id` int(10) UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL,
  `note` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL

This is a part my function :

PHP Code:


But it get the row  of every years , how can i get only by year of var $data ($data have yyyy-mm-dd format) ?
Try this and see if it is what you want, not tested.

PHP Code:
$query $this->db->select('SELECT DATE("{$data}") as required_DATE')
PHP Code:
function getweek($numsettimana$data$tabella){
   $query $this->db->get();


I just read your question. I think you need to change the data type.

you have to need to change your field data type for 'numero_settimana' int to DATE.

Hope it will help you friend.