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Full Version: reader online with codeigniter
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Hello everyone,
a programmer created this online reader for my site with codeigniter. I no longer have contact with that programmer, so I ask you for help.
I had to transfer the site from an altervista domain to another host. The online reader was designed to be read on altervista and therefore there were parameters to be corrected.
In addition to entering the database access data in codeigniter I also changed the path of the root of the web space (the one that on altervista was /members/sitename)
I have also rewritten some functions in reader_private (those that contain the web path).
If you want I am writing you the first errors I had to correct...
However, after importing the database the old data, and correct errors, the reader goes, but all the other pages give me this error: "File not found." I leave you an example below:

what could be the problem?
Some friends advised me to use echo getcwd (); or APPPATH... but how do they use them?
if you could show us what is the code in the file applications/controllers/Reader.php and in the function read() ?
(09-27-2018, 06:19 AM)qury Wrote: [ -> ]if you could show us what is the code in the file  applications/controllers/Reader.php  and in the function read() ?

where do I find function read ()?