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Full Version: Usage on cPanel
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Hi All!

I am attempting to use CI for the first time and set up on a cPanel system.

Here is the directory I have my core folders in (application, caache, etc..: (/public_html/therecoveryoc/)

And in my routes file I have: $route['default_controller'] = "blog"; (I am watching the video tutorial)

But I get a 404 error when I go to:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

El Forum

WOW, really dumb on my part. I didn't realize the system folder had to be there.

Please do not judge me on my first post!!!!

El Forum

Welcome to the CodeIgniter Forums. Its good to see new interest in a product the rest of us love. I have to say the first time I tried to use a development server on my home PC I did something just as stupid. After setting up a basic phpinfo() test page and such, I went to the page in the browser but couldn't see anything. For ages I tried to get it to work, changing values in the php.ini file, checking the apache setup.

What hadn't I done?

I forgot to turn the server on.

Welcome anyway,