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Full Version: using write_file()
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I am using write_file to to write out a backup of my sql tables once/week:

$backup $this->dbutil->backup($prefs);

$source '/opt/bitnami/mysql/tmp/mybackup.gz';

// Where the files will be transferred to
           $dest 's3://substantiator-mysql-backup';

// Create a default transfer object
           $manager new \Aws\S3\Transfer($client$source$dest);

This seems to write out a long string of data to the file named above. The problem is that when i try uploading this to Amazon I get an error that the function can't find /opt/bitnami/mysql/tmp/mybackup.gz .

I checked the permissions of that file and I see it is: 660. 

Is the problem in the way the backup was created? Or perhaps the permissions on the /tmp directory?