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Full Version: Validation Placeholders being ignored for is_unique
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PHP Code:
protected $validationRules = [
   'email' => 'required|valid_email|is_unique[,id,{id}]'

looking at the is_unique method in Rules.php it does not appear {id} is being converted to it's corresponding value in $data.

Something like this?

PHP Code:
    public function is_unique(string $str nullstring $field, array $data): bool
// Grab any data for exclusion of a single row.
list($field$ignoreField$ignoreValue) = array_pad(explode(','$field), 3null);

// Break the table and field apart

$db Database::connect();
$row $db->table($table)

        if ( ! empty(
$ignoreField) && ! empty($ignoreValue))
            if (
$ignoreValue[0] == '{') {
$key substr($ignoreValue1, -1);
                if (isset(
$ignoreValue $data[$key];
$row $row->where("{$ignoreField} !="$ignoreValue);

        return (bool) (
getRow() === null);
Any updates on this? This comes in to play when post data needs validating and you call a validation rule set by name... instead of by array... so you can't actually pass {$id}:


The is_unique rule does not check for post data... it only looks if the value was passed in the check.

Look at my example to see how I worked around this... but I'm not sure if there is a better way?