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Full Version: where is the function _exception_handler writing to?
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I see:
PHP Code:
        $_error =& load_class('Exceptions''core');
$_error->log_exception('error''Exception: '.$exception->getMessage(), $exception->getFile(), $exception->getLine()); 
I just don't know where that would be writing to on my ubuntu server?
CodeIgniter puts these in the path you provide in config.php Specifically, at $config ['log_path']. By default that is application/logs/
| Error Logging Directory Path
| Leave this BLANK unless you would like to set something other than the default
| application/logs/ directory. Use a full server path with trailing slash.
$config['log_path'] = '';

So mine is blank. But when I look in /application/logs/ I see a bunch of log files. The last one was written 2018-10-29. Can I hard code the path to be APPPATH.'logs/' ?
/application/logs/ is the default path and APPPATH.'logs/' evaluates to that same path. But, yes, you can hardcode that if you want.