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Full Version: My new work and I need some feedbacks.
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Hello, friends. I know many programmers like to use Markdown to write documents, I recently have created this WordPress Markdown Editor, and can't to share with you. If you are using Markdown to write articles, or plainning to use Markdown, please give my plugin a try. It is Markdown Editor with a lot of features. It probabaly will save you a whole lot of time in writting.

Source code:

I need some feedbacks to imporve it and make it better.

It is free forever. It's just a display of enthusiasm for my programming, I hope you like it.
Very thanks, Terry!

Another awesome project you share.

Please, adapt the CI_Minifier ( for CodeIgniter 4, (if you want). It would be nice as a \Config\Service.
Hi natanfelles.

Thank you.
I'm planing to use CI 4 for a small new website. I will update the library soon.