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Full Version: Input 4 first digit from column A to column B
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Hello everybody.
This is simple, i had goggle but havent find result that suit me.
What I want is something like this. The column A is A_number, and column B is B_number.
So I want this condition : for example when user type input 123456789 into column A, the column B automatically filled with 1234
How to do this automatically?
If i understood properly what you meant, here is the solution with native js:
Is it possible to do that using php only(without js)?
PHP Code:
string substr string $string int $start [, int $length ] ) 
try this...
So you want to access first 4 digits, regardless of what the number is?

Could probably get away with using string functions and literally get first 4 characters out of the string.

PHP Code:
$a 123486868686868;
$aString strval($a);
$b substr($aString04); 

All POST data comes in as string anyway, and PHP is quite good at converting types in and out as it is, but I added extra step in there just to point out string conversion.