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Full Version: appending record instead of replacing field
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I am trying to update one field of a table.
PHP Code:
       $sql="SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = ?";
       $query $this->db->query($sql,$userid);
       $row $query->row();
       $iRc=$this->db->replace('users',array('campaign'=> $campaign)); 
I am finding that this is appending a new record onto the end of the table rather than replacing the campaign field if the userid matches. This is the table structure. What is the problem?

Based on the CI documentation ( ) replace is basically the SQL standard for (optional) DELETE + INSERT, using PRIMARY and UNIQUE keys...

What you need to do is what you stated in your first sentence. You need to do an update to the table on a specific column where email equals a specific email address.
Thanks. I did see that. I was thinking that perhaps the issue was that the field I am trying to update is not primary. I did make it unique. You can see that the id is already primary and I can't have two primaries. Is there a better way to do this other than replace? Or should I manually do a delete and then an insert?
I solved it by using:

$this->db->set('campaign', $campaign);
$this->db->where('email', $userid);