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Full Version: Can someone check the "News section" Database Tutorial
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I decided to start from scratch with the above Database Tutorial:

I could not get it to work...  persevered and found that there appears to be  a missing database method.

Using the following rendered the data,

PHP Code:
// added ->resultID; 
$data['news'] = $db->getNews($id=1)->resultID  
I an revsiting the tutorial this weekend.
I have reviewed the tutorial ... are you sure you read it right? I don't see any "$db->getNews(...)"; there is, however "$model->getNews(...)". I have made some corrections independent of your question, and there will be an update to the tutorial in the next couple of days.
For one James it is missing the Success view file I had to add it.
@InsiteFX Thanks Smile I will make sure that finds its way into the tutorial Smile