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Full Version: Does ci4 need the route cache feature?
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Like the laravel route cache  url:

It say: Using the route cache will drastically decrease the amount of time it takes to register all of your application's routes. In some cases, your route registration may even be up to 100x faster.

Asking, does ci need to develop this feature?
You tell us - are you hitting a performance wall with anything you've developed with it?
Use the PHP opcode caching very fast.
I make a stress-test by webbench testing laravel5.7 and ci4 aplha5 performance.

os centos 7
php 7.3.1 with opcache
apache 2.4.38

They run the same php and the same route, result is ci4 is much faster than lrarvel,
but after laravel using command php artisan config:cache and php artisan route:cache, 
although lrarvel still lost to ci4, it already has a pull-in distance.

So, I wonder if ci4 can need to do it to improve performance.