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Full Version: Problem with Image Manipulation Library
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I want to compress the image by 60%. My code is given bellow. I have uploaded an image of 627Kb. The code block is executed but not compressing. Is there any error in my code?

Thanks in advance.

PHP Code:
$this->upload->data('file_size') > 300){
   $config['image_library'   'gd2';
   $config['source_image'    $this->upload->data('full_path');
   $config['quality'         '60%'// Also tried $config['quality']          = 60;
   $config['new_image'       $this->upload->data('full_path');
'I am ok';


No sure if $config['image-library'] value should be 'GD2' instead 'gd2' according to documentation ( )
Make sure you're using a jpeg image since you won't be able to compress other types.
Also try not to use same value for source_image and new_image as it'll make it harder to test/debub.
Did you use:

PHP Code:
echo $this->image_lib->display_errors(); 

To see if you have some type of error?

Your path looks funny using 'full_path' this needs to be an absolute path.