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Full Version: installing on new PC
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I am trying to install CI on a new Linux laptop. I modified index.php to point at the CI directory at /Home/codeigniter/CodeIgniter-3.1.10/system, but when I type localhost in the browser I am getting

"Your system folder path does not appear to be set correctly. Please open the following file and correct this: index.php"

I modified index.php to be:

 * This variable must contain the name of your "system" directory.
 * Set the path if it is not in the same directory as this file.
$system_path = '/Home/codeigniter/CodeIgniter-3.1.10/system';


what is wrong? Do I need to also update the application_folder path?

The way I moved over from the Windows PC is that I copied my application directory which is c:/xampp/htdocs/sub_crud. It contains application, system, etc. Does this mean that I didn't need to do a reinstall of CI? Could I have just pointed $system_path at /var/www/html/sub_crud/system  on the Linux PC?
Your ./application and ./system folder paths point to were they are relative to your index.php file.

So if they are in a folder above index.php then you would enter like '../system'
two folders up would be '../../system'