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Full Version: jquery.min.js not working
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Hello everyone,

I have been moved application from production to development mode in localhost and tried to run application, so far so good it's work but I have problem with linking JS and CSS, I googled and try a lot of option but generally my problem is get request 404 not found. I will attach screenshot. I am new at PHP programming especially codeigniter. Sorry if this topic is duplicate.
If your running Chrome for a browser you will get those error because Chrome
has gone to straight https now

I switched all my local programming over to https now and my web site.

If running Chrome click on the not secure link and tell it to use it anyway.
@InsiteFX: There are NO requirements to use https on your local development machine. It will work just fine unencrypted.

@stefan.stanisavljevic: You changed the settings in your index.php file? Or did you also change something else? What did you change? And does it work if you change it back?
Do the file paths as shown in the attached file exist? In other words, is the file "logo.png" actually in a folder {public root}/images on the local machine?
If I do not do what I said above I get those errors in Chrome!

Once I tell Chrome to ignore them then they go away.

If your not running https on a local host Chrome will throw a warning,
with all of those errors.

http://localhost/ aren't getting forced by Google Chrome to use HTTPS. All domains ending in .dev however like will be forced to https by Google Chrome and Firefox with a HSTS policy.

Are you setting a HSTS policy in your application?

Here's how you delete it if you have manually set it and delete it from your PHP application.