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Full Version: [feature] REST support
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I am currently teaching a course on enterprisey RESTful backends, and discovering some corrections and opportunities for better REST support in CI4, which I plan to roll in when ready. These are being developed in the feature/resource branch of the CI4 repo.

Planned so far:
[x] better explanation for handling REST requests, splitting the routing explanation into its own page
[x] ResouuceController as a starter for a REST endpoint
[x] more flexible treatment for API-like routing
[x] clearer split between resource state & resource presentation routing/handling, perhaps with a base controller
[ ] better explanation for returning appropriate responses & data formats
[ ] better explanation & perhaps code improvements to handle incoming data
[ ] tutorial for building a RESTful resource or API service (might end up in user guide, might not)
[ ] RESTful filter to automate much of the request & response data representation transformations

This is a roadmap feature, or "epic", and a card on the roadmap board.
Component tasks will show up as issues or PRs on the development board.
We welcome comments & suggestions below.
Very good addition to CI 4
Oh I'm super stoked for this addition! I have been setting up CI3 with a REST setup so I'm excited that CI4 will have it built in!