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Full Version: Database query in a controller method?
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Every now and then I need to run a quick database query which doesn't really belong to any of the Models. Or even when setting a quick demo site, I need a quick and dirty way. In CI3, I could just do
Is there something like that available in CI4?

I thought of setting a private variable as below and then use it in any of the methods. I am wondering if there is any better way?

PHP Code:
class Home extends Controller
   public function __construct()
       $this->db = \Config\Database::connect();

   public function index()
$query $this->db->query('SELECT name, title, email FROM my_table');
//process query info
return view('welcome_message');

What you did works perfectly fine. If you just need it in the one method, though, no need to set it at the class level.

$db = db_connect();
$query = $db->query('SELECT name, title, email FROM my_table');
Ok that's great to get that confirmation! Thank you @kilishan