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Full Version: [feature] Message queue
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The Message Queue feature has not made it into CodeIgniter 4 yet, but is planned. Initial work began a couple of years ago, but stalled. The current implementation direction provides for a queue backed by a database, or integrated with RabbitMQ.

This thread includes a poll, to ascertain the importance of external message queue services that are important to the community, might be reasonable to provide adapters for. Feel free to suggest others in posts in this thread.

Planned so far:
[.] Queue\Queue
[.] Queue\QueueInterface
[ ] Queue\Exceptions\QueueException
[ ] Queue\Handlers\BaseHandler
[.] Queue\Handlers\DatabaseHandler
[.] Queue\Handlers\RabbitMWHandler
[.] App\Config\Queue
[ ] unit testing for the above
[ ] user guide section for the above

This is a roadmap feature, or "epic", and a card on the roadmap board.
Component tasks will show up as issues or PRs on the development board.
We welcome comments & suggestions below.
I have to go with  RabbitMQ only because I am not on AWS.
RabbitMQ, because it's open source, where as AWS SQS is not.
There's also ActiveMQ. It's an open source Apache product.
(03-13-2019, 10:06 AM)donpwinston Wrote: [ -> ]There's also ActiveMQ. It's an open source Apache product.

I have added that to the poll, thanks.
RabbitMQ is at the top of the list, by a wide margin.
It is also the reference handler we plan, so it appears we are on the right track ... just need time to finish the implmentation & testing Undecided
This sounds awesome - could someone spell out some use case scenarios for message queue? I use Pushover for urgent notifications and email for log digests - I assume this would be able to cover both of those situations as well as fill in some of the gaps.