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Full Version: Difficulties accessing the base_url() function
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Hello everyone,

It has been a few years since I have posted here.

I have run into an issue with CodeIgniter 3.1.10, I am trying to create a new site, ran into a bit of a hurdle when using other than the default 'welcome' controller, now this could be a rookie problem that I have forgotten about or it could be something with v 3.1.10
this is the error I am getting

An uncaught Exception was encountered
Type: Error

Message: Call to undefined function base_url()

Filename: C:\Apache24\htdocs\ci3blank\application\views\includes\header.php

Line Number: 17


File: C:\Apache24\htdocs\ci3blank\application\views\includes\template.php
Line: 3
Function: view

File: C:\Apache24\htdocs\ci3blank\application\controllers\Site_controller.php
Line: 20
Function: view

File: C:\Apache24\htdocs\ci3blank\index.php
Line: 349
Function: require_once

What further code would you require from me
Hello edjon2000,
Have you loaded the URL helper ?
Dammit, I knew it would be a rookie mistake thank you so much @vincent78 Smile
I used to add a bunch of commonly used helpers, models and libraries to my autoload.php file, I can't believe I forgot that
you're welcome Wink