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Full Version: Codeigniter best script to start paid or not
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Hi , I have developed a CI app for about 3 years ago and now I want a new start for it . I'm looking for a paid or not script that will help me start with the best standards. Most important things for me is secure login , ajax , user roles , jquery/bootstrap . It would be great if this app included ajax datatables , form builder. Basically I want and admin theme , but coded with CI . Looked everywhere , only found obsolete scripts . The best one I found and have worked with is SMA ( Stock manager advance) from envato and there is potential there but the code is kind of a mess .
My current app looks great , but in terms of scale is not great .
TLDR: I want to start a CI app from a script with the best practices .Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate
Highly recommend or its site

You can find lots of things to play with here:

Best wishes,

(03-18-2019, 01:11 PM)PaulD Wrote: [ -> ]Highly recommend or its site

I wonder it he will have time or motivation to upgrade Bonfire to CI4? It looks like a very cool project, but probably a huge job to migrate to CI4. Sad