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Full Version: Error 508
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Has any one else had problems with 508 messages after upgrading to version 3. The site I look after was fine until I upgraded it and I am trying to pin down why it isn't now. It is trying to display a lot of images at once. It just seems odd that once it was ok but now isn't and the upgrade seems to be the only difference not that I can see how that can affect it

Have you checked with your hosting company? That's a resource issue.
Yep I know. Just wondering why it used to work. I already have contacted them and they suggested an upgrade of server which is not what the owner wants. Does disc shortage affect 508 messages? It is a bit full so I wondering if I deleted some old stuff that would solve it.

When you say full. Full by how much? 80, 85 or 90% full? If that is the case then yes, space needs to be created. The owner needs to understand the impact if nothing is done. This will impact their business.