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Full Version: Problem with code developed with XAMPP on LAMP
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I have developed a software using XAMPP, CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX. For uploading it on to a website I purchased a website on GoDaddy. There I am facing problems. When contacted with the website support, I was told that for shared website they have LAMP only. Now, for making it functional I need to convert the entire system for working on LAMP. Actually, as per my understanding both XAMP & LAMP have Apache, MySQL & PHP engine. But, as of now it is giving problems. 

Need help, request to suggest on what all I need to work on in above case to arrive at a solution?

We need more information. What kind of errors are you seeing. I have the same setup and I have never had any problems. The only thing I can think of other then configuration settings is if you developed some features specifically for a windows environment.
XAMP and LAMP are mostly the same things except the "X" runs on multiple operating systems vs "L" which is on Linux. Both use the same stack of applications - Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The installation of those items will have been done by GoDaddy.

Whatever problems you're having it isn't XAMP vs LAMP. As @php_rocs said, We need more information. Tell us what is or is not happening - in detail.
Thanks to both of you for your updates.

On my machine, port of Apache server is on 8015 and when I try to access my Godaddy website it expects 8015. If I check on my mobile then also I get error. I have attached both errors in attachments. 

Let me know how I can take corrective action.
It's telling you that your database settings are incorrect in ./application/config/database.php

Check your database settings.