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Full Version: extensions for an existing CI app (hooks)
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Let say, I have an CodeIgniter application that's going to be deployed in many sites. They all have the same needs (hence they use the same app), but they also have specific needs.
Is there a way to use "extensions" on a CodeIgniter application (the same way, we use "plugins" in WordPress, for instance - not the same as CI plugins) ?
Of course, I could use CI librairies to add the code, but I will still need to modify the existing application (for instance to add a new line in the application menu). I don't want to modify the CI application otherwise, I won't be able to release easily a new version.
In WordPress (and others) they solved this, by using hooks.
Is there something similar that could be used in CI ?

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config files?
Did you check the user guide?
You might consider
(03-31-2019, 12:15 PM)ciadmin Wrote: [ -> ]Did you check the user guide?
You might consider

Thanks for that: indeed, I was not aware of hooks in CI, and that could be a starting point ... but there's much more work to be done to use that to provide extensions/plugins in an application.
I was looking for a more complete solution ... but I suppose it does not exist in CI.
Maybe this will work for what your trying to do.

Modular Extensions - HMVC