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Full Version: [split] Windows vs Linux split (CodeIgniter 4.0.0-beta.2 Released)
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James, I know this is a longshot, but you wouldn't happen to know the split between linux based codeigniter apps and windows based are out there would you?
Good question, and not one easily answered because we don't track the installs. And you can't forget OSX!

My best guess is that a majority of CI developers develop on Windows or Mac, but that a vast majority of CI apps are deployed in Linux systems. Many will test on Linux, or they should - even if only using the Windows subsystem for Linux.
Hi all,

I build on Windows 10 Pro but I also have a sub-domain on my hosting for testing on Linux.
There should be no difference in the way you build an application. Windows has some limitations to be aware of, and that can trip up the developer if he/she doesn't understand those limitations. I'm talking about issues revolving around case sensitivity and file/directory permissions. Other than that, your application should ideally be able to run on any OS.

If you're developing on Windows, then you're doing it the hard way. I know because I developed on Windows until 5 or 6 years ago, and at that point I switched to Linux (Ubuntu). Yes, you could use a virtual environment, but developing on the same OS as the production environment is nice because there are rarely any gotchas. Almost all of the development software I use is free, and in many cases it's the same stuff you'd use on Windows.
My original question wasn't meant to be related to how people build applications, just wondering if it's worth creating a bash script to help some people migrate from 3 > 4.