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Full Version: Make a new query builder inside a model afterCreate callback
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Hi guys. i'm having troubles with the models callback...

in my ProductModel.php, i've got this afterCreate callback

PHP Code:
public function createCatalogPivots($data){
        if (! isset(

$product_id $data['result']->connID->insert_id;
        foreach (
$data['data']['catalog_pages_ids'] as $catalog_page_id){

$productPivotModel = new CatalogPageProductModel();

$insert = [
'catalog_page_id' => $catalog_page_id,
'product_id' => $product_id,




return $data;

when i create a product, i reference many categories linked with this product in a category_product table (HABTM).

and when i send 1 or many "catalog_pages_ids" my $data['result']->connId reference my last pivot insert and not my single product created.

so the problem is that the $product_model->getInsertID() on my Product controller return the last insert id of my pivot table and not my product table.

is that the normal behavior ? maybe i'm missing something or doing my callback's wrong.

thanks guys !