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Full Version: Using Typecast in Query Builder or Query
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Hello all, I'm having a problem when trying to typecast a value in my Postgres's DB wich is type TEXT to INT to perfom a Order By in a query.
When trying to use the standart QUERY() function I receive errors if I try using "ORDER BY option::int"

PHP Code:
$query_options $this->query("SELECT * FROM integrador_ura_options WHERE fk_ura_id = ? ORDER BY option::int"$fk_ura_id); 

<b>Fatal error</b>:  Uncaught CodeIgniter\Format\Exceptions\FormatException: Failed to parse json string, error: &quot;Type is not supported&quot;. in /var/www/html/integrador/system/Format/Exceptions/FormatException.php:9

And i didn't find any documentation about how to do it using QueryBuilder class.
try SELECT x, y,z, ..., CAST(option AS INTEGER) AS option WHERE foo=? ORDER BY option, foo
That worked, thanks.
But the problem is still there, I think in future releases of CI4 they must provide a way for doing this type of conversion.