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Full Version: Accessing default controller
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Just installed beta2.

For some reason I can't access the default controller by just going to http://localhost:8080/mysite/

only by going to http://localhost:8080/mysite/public

I have changed the baseUrl to

PHP Code:
public $baseURL 'http://localhost:8080/mysite/'

also in the env file.

It sounds like you are pointing your document root to the folder above your project, eg "htdocs".
The doucment root should point to your project's public folder, eg "htdocs/myproject/public".
You would then reference your site as "localhost:8080".
Well, CI is installed into http://localhost:8080/mysite/

I didn't copy the CI files directly into the htdocs folder because I have a bunch of other projects there.
-- project_name
---- app
---- system
---- public
------ index.php
------ assets