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Full Version: Thanks Lonnie for Myth/Auth!
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Hey Lonnie, I just wanted to say thanks for your work on Myth/Auth.

I'm looking forward to using it!
Thanks Lonnie!!!
(06-02-2019, 08:40 AM)Avega Soft Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Lonnie!!!

I tried this module. But it didn't run smoothly until I made a few changes.

The changes that I made are as follows.

In entities / users I add the following code
PHP Code:
   protected $id;

   protected $username;

   protected $email;

   protected $name;
    protected $password_hash

In function setPassword
PHP Code:
$this->attributes['password_hash'] = password_hash
I change it to:
PHP Code:
$this->password_hash password_hash
Yeah, as the readme says, it's not quite ready for production use Smile Thanks to some great help from MGatner it's a lot closer and I think updated to the current CI implementation.

The stuff that you're running into with the entity is a difference between what's in CI beta-4 and what's coming down the pike for the next release. There's a fairly big Entity refactor in the next release that Myth/Auth has already been updated for.
Is that in the developers branch Lonnie?
(06-03-2019, 10:44 AM)InsiteFX Wrote: [ -> ]Is that in the developers branch Lonnie?

Yes, that's correct.

Was initially announced here: