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Full Version: Driver for Oracle Database in CI4
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Hi guys, congratulations for the great job you do with CI4. I just want to know the date of the exit for the driver for the connection with oracle database.
We are currently using CI 3.1.11 and would like to upgrade to 4.0, however our company mandates that we use oracle database. So, we would like to request for the Oracle OCI8 driver support soon in 4.0.x. Thanks for the good work you do!
We have a PR for Oracle that was postponed until after release but should be getting some attention soon. I recommend if you are interested in it that you add your support to the thread, or even help to review the PR if you have Oracle experience:

Since the team is made up of volunteers there is no guarantee of coverage for any expertise, so it is up to developers like you to help cover the gaps!