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Full Version: Unknown column in order clause
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Hello everyone! 

I've a problem returning the first row of the result set with the first() method (i suppose).

PHP Code:
Unknown column '' in 'order clause' 

This is the Migration

This is the GamesModel

This is the Games Controller

If a change the id filed in "id" everything works fine. 

Does It is a convention to follow?

If yes, how can i bypass this behaviour?

Thank you all. 

PS Version 4 is awesome! Great work.
I think you just need to tell CI the name of your primary key. The default is “id” when you don’t set a specific name:

PHP Code:
protected $primaryKey 'game_id'
Oh sure. I'm a complete fool! It's working as it should now.

Thanks you so much for the reply and the link too!