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Full Version: Difficult with UPDATE SQL query CI
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Hi guys, so to be such a bother but I am having trouble with a query which just looks perfect to me.

PHP Code:
$this->forename 'testing';
           $this->surname 'testing';
           $this->email 'testing';
           $this->password 'testing';
           $this->address 'testing';
           $this->city 'testing';
           $this->county 'testing';
           $this->country 'testing';
           $this->post_code 'testing';
           $this->access_level 0;

           echo $id;

           $this->password password_hash($this->passwordPASSWORD_DEFAULT, ['cost' => 15]);
           $sql "UPDATE user SET forename = ?, surname = ?, email = ?, password = ?, address = ?, city = ?, county = ?, country = ?, post_code = ?, access_level = ? WHERE id = ?";
           $this->db->query($sql, array($this->forename$this->surname$this->email$this->password$this->address$this->city$this->county$this->country$this->post_code$this->access_level$id)); 
Sorry guys, I fixed it, there just seems to be something wrong with my browser.

Is there anyway I can delete this.
It's always best to clear your browser's cache when make changes to code.

Chrome bring up developer Tools F12 and then right click the top right arrow
circle and click on the bottom empty cache and hard reload.