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Full Version: Why is Code Igniter not recommended?
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(08-19-2019, 01:59 AM)website Wrote: [ -> ]Really cool, fast and simple  (and cloudflare optimizes traffic and protects against DDos attacks) I would add a little better mobile version to starcitygames.

So would i Wink
what I found in CI is, very very very and very good in documentation, easy to learn, development, deployment and understanding for legacy work for new developer. Very easy for new comer to join project in development phase. easy for rapid development. Apart from these it is true new development in CI framework was less probably management changed( EllisLab to BCIT) but since rumours are very good for CI4. will recommend it.
And what I found in CI is:
  • The whole framework is clear and very much organized. Documentation on this framework is a lot easy.
  • The routing technique is simple
  • Offers better strength and backing
  • The CI community has solutions for a wide range of framework issues.
  • It allows caching of the site for improved execution and easier loading times.
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