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Full Version: CodeIgniter Foundation in place
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We have incorporated the CodeIgniter Foundation, a BC nonprofit society Smile

Its mission is to manage and govern the CodeIgniter framework and related open source projects.

Your directors and their roles:
  • Jim Parry (CA) - president,
  • Lonnie Ezell (US) - vice-president, and
  • Paul Drewett (UK) - secretary/treasurer
We will hold our first AGM (online) early ih the new year (2020). There is a lot to do and get in place in the meantime!

We will post further details as they are settled.
Thanks for the heads up Jim.
Awesome news!!
Good news and great idea!!!
Thanks for the amazing work you do (and will do)!
Great move, glad to see some visions for the future of CI!
Awesome news!!
Looking forward to this new path, congrats to our Director's.
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