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Full Version: Function delete_files has a bug
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into file /system/helpers/file_helper on line 143 the code check if the "filename" start not with dot but if it is a "directory", and not a file, it's a problem on line 149.

I found this bug about cache dir and someone tried to open a url like http://url/.somethings/xxx

I have fixed quickly with a rules on route but probably is more correct fix the CI file.

Another suggestion?

If you feel that you have found a serious bug in CI, please report it on Github (
Files & folders that start with a dot are supposed to be hidden files/folders, per unix/linux filenaming. I would think that trying to reference one would give a 404 or equivalent.

You said there is a bug but did not describe the error you encountered, the behavior that you expected, or the CI version you are using, Those are prtty important for a bug report.