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Full Version: How to log actions?
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I want to log data-modifications.
For that I could create a new realtionship table where I add a new entry with every SQL-Insert or Update action.

Every log should contain several infos like the user-id, the data-object that was modified, maybe the before and after-value and the action itself (create, update, delete).

Should I write a custom action for that within every controller-function that adds, updates or deletes data?
Or should I look for a hook to manage it?

Thanks in advance!


I don't know of any hooks that do everything you wish. This seems more like a custom action.
Not sure about the before and after state but this might give you something to start with

I‘m gonna write custom actions within my controller functions.
I would suggest to write your own logging function for each function in the controller.
I guess you also want to log specific input in the controller functions.
In CI4 you can define callbacks to be executed before or after an insert, update or delete in you model: