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Full Version: Just installed CI4 RC1 but getting blank pages
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I have just installed RC1 to play with it, however I am just getting blank pages for the default home controller and any other controllers I create. It doesnt seem to be loading to views?

The logs dont show anything except that the controller has been loaded.

Any ideas?
Did you set your base_url in .app/Config/App.php ?
yep the base_url is set
@mymisty WHich installation method did you use?
Are you running it with Apache? or "php spark serve"?
Which URL are you using in your browser?
apache. outputs blank page, outputs blank page.

figured its something to do with output_compression is php, if set to On, i get headers already sent errors and blank pages. if set to Off, all works fine. 


if i remove 

while (\ob_get_level() > 0)

    \ob_start(function ($buffer) {
        return $buffer;

 from /app/Config/Events.php and keep output_compression on, it works.

I have submitted a bug here:
I would leave output compression off until the issue you raised is resolved Smile
I just installed and it works fine here.
With php compression set to on?
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