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Full Version: Second codeigniter4projects repo: ci4-module-tests
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We are pleased to welcome the second member of the codeigniter4projects github organization, ci4-module-tests.

This is a project to help developers test modules that they are writing to addon to their CodeIgniter4 projects.

Thank you, Matthew Gatner, who created the project and will be one of the maintainers for it!

Matthew has created a few addins already, some of which you may have noticed in the CI4 addins subforum.

We hope that this project will spur more developers to extend CodeIgniter 4 Smile
Very excited to have this part of the official projects. Thanks so much Matthew!
Thanks also to you two! Excited to see CI4 so close, and hopeful this package will help grow its reach.

Special thanks to @albertleao for always reminding me to test.
Would like to thanks for the project. Thank you, Matthew.
Would like to thank everyone and the CodeIgniter Development Team

Thanks a lot for your hard work on making this happen.

Very excited to play with CI4 !

Thank you very much !!!
We currently have a monolithic repository with all of our puppet modules in it. It is part of our entire system's code.
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