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Full Version: Redirect to user defined view page if any type of error occurs
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I was able to redirect only database type error using hooks concept but does not work for general all type of error.

using below code i was able to redirect db related error. and error_get_last() always return null only

class PHPFatalError {

    public function setHandler() {
//        print_r(error_get_last()); //always returns null
        register_shutdown_function([$this, 'handleShutdown']);

    function handleShutdown() {
        $CI =& get_instance();
        $has_error $CI->db->error();

    if ($has_error['message'] != '') {



PHP handles most of the general errors.

CI handles them by using a custom Exception Error Handler, you may need to extend it to
work the way you want.

It's located in ./system/core/Exceptions.php

If you extend it place it in ./application/core/MY_Exceptions.php