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Full Version: Additional "Class Reference" sections to docs please
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Prior to version 4 certain classes (e.g. Model) did not need a "Class Reference" because... well , there wasn't much to reference. However, the Model class in v4 is rich with functionality. While most (all?) of the available methods get discussed somewhere in the documentation nothing beats a comprehensive, single-location reference.

In addition to Model, the Entity and Validation classes would benefit from Class Reference sections.

There might be other classes too, but those three jump out at me.
We have auto-generated API docs. I'm not sure if those currently get updated on every doc build, but I believe so. Jim's the one that handles that part.
I regenerate the API docs whenever there appears to be a change affecting them, and no later than with each release.

All three classes are there, for class reference:

Validation ...
Model ...
Entity ...

Part of my plan is to have cross-links between the user guide and the API docs, but that hasn't happened yet.
Just a note: there are still API doc errors in the codebase, and an external issue with phpDocumentor ( The API docs should only get better with time, and with the cross-referencing Smile
Thanks guys. I am aware of the API docs although at the moment I cannot find them online. (Where the heck did they go? Must be with my car keys.) But the API doc is not the same as right here at your fingertips on the same doc page you're reading.

I realize there things more pressing than this documentation request. What I ask for isn't a "gotta have it" by any stretch of the imagination. But if it could be put on to-do list for inclusion at a later date that would be fantastic.
@ciadmin - a link on the User Guide to the API docs would be great.

Thanks to the team CI4 is great.
You can find the API Documentation here.

CodeIgniter v4.0.0 API