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Full Version: Get uploaded file data in CI 4
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In Codeigniter 3, $this->upload->data(); does it. In documentation of CI 4, I found some functions for getting specific uploaded file data like, getName(), getClientName(), getClientMimeType() etc. But how can I get all the uploaded file data at once like CI 3?

I am using $file->store(); to upload file.

Thanks in advance.
All of the parameters are in the $_FILES[] array.

PHP Code:
$file_name     $_FILES["photo"]["name"]; 
$file_type     $_FILES["photo"]["type"]; 
$file_size     $_FILES["photo"]["size"]; 
$file_tmp_name $_FILES["photo"]["tmp_name"]; 
$file_error    $_FILES["photo"]["error"]; 

Where photo would be the input name.