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Full Version: PHP Cas authentication
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Hi all.

I am struggling to make the CI authenticate with jasig php cas.

I have lots of users (education enviroment) and I can't think of any other authentication system because the maintanance cost is high!

Can anyone help me about?

I already tried the old library 

Thank you

What version of CI are you using? PHP version? Also, you do realize that the library that you tried to use is no longer maintained?
Hi @php_rocs

I am using php 7.3.9 and CI 3.1.11 and try to make an application that will use federation Central Authentication Service
I understand that the library is no longer maintained.
I didnt find any other and thats why I give it a try.

phpCAS now supports Composer, so you can install it that way instead:
I will give it a try!
Thank you.