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Full Version: Samesite Cookie Warnings
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I just noticed that the console in Chrome started presenting warnings about cookies not using Same-Site directives.  Will there be any changes to CodeIgniter for this or will CodeIgniter just pick up the session.cookie_samesite value in my php.ini file?
Because cookie_samesite is not (yet) supported by all browsers and because it is, AFAIK, a PHP v7.3 only flag I doubt it will be incorporated any time soon. CI will not pick up the value from php.ini. There is a "suggestion" to implement support in CI v3 GitHub issues. Read it here.
Thank you for the quick response. I'm probably not in as bad a situation as some other sites but I was hoping that CodeIgniter would have a best practice by this time. I think the Chrome warnings just started showing up today (or very recently), so hopefully Google will allow at least a few more weeks before they start messing with everyone's SEO again.