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Full Version: hey i need helpe asp please with this error 1048
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in my gratuadion work, i have this error in de sing in function(cadastrar) i dunno know why  ever time i try  a error mensage shows up (error 1048)

the controllerSad
public function cadastrar(){


and the model(
public function cadastro($usuario)


and the php file(
        echo form_open("usuarios/novo");
        echo form_label('Nome','nome');
        echo form_input( array('Name' =>'nome' ,'id'=>'nome', 'maxlength'=>'255', 'class'=>'form-control' ));
        echo form_label('Email','e-mail');
        echo form_input(array('name' =>'e-mail' ,'id'=>'e-mail','maxlength'=>'255','class'=>'form-control' ));
        echo form_label('Senha','senha');
        echo form_password(array('name' =>'senha' ,'id'=>'senha','maxlength'=>'255','class'=>'form-control' ));
        echo form_button(array('class' =>'btn btn-primary' ,'content'=>'cadastrar','type'=>'submit' ));
      echo form_close();?>
What type of variable is $usuario? Where do you set it's value?
What's the error message that you get (besides the error number, what message is showing up, for which line of code)?
Error 1048 means a column in your database table is null no value.

Check your form input values.