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Full Version: CodeIgniter 4.0.0-rc.3 released
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will there be any predefined libraries like API
(10-31-2019, 05:12 AM)manigopal Wrote: [ -> ]will there be any predefined libraries like API
Yap, of course. But in CI4, all libraries now called "Services". You can access them through Services class.
I think I can make new project with CI4?
Can't wait for CI4. Been using CI for a long time and would like to give back if I can.
Hey, it's been almost THREE MONTHS Sad , can't wait anymore !!!!
I think this thing is not ready for production projects. Lot of loose ends to be tied.
Thank you CI team for all your hard work, I love CI!!!
If and only if it is easy to add another domain to your Web Server Provider then try creating a free domain.

I have been delighted to use Https:// for many years and find it beneficial for testing and having a sandbox site. Once thoroughly tested the complete script can be transferred with only a single change to the $base_url.

Currently I have quite a few CI4 sites running without any problems . touch wood Smile
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