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Full Version: No base_url() in view parser
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I read the site , but it seems there is no non-php alternative for base_url(), which makes problems for loading css, pictures and other resources. Anyone knows how to use it?

You could create a simple javascript library that has a base_url global variable.
Yeah, the parser class will not execute PHP.

Could you store the base_url as a variable so you do {base_url}{link} type thing?

Hope that makes sense.

You could store the base_url in a plugin there is a doc on it in the parser documentation.

All you would need to do is create a plugin for it.

There is already a plugin for site_url so you could copy that one.
Here is my solution for this problem:

inside the controller:
PHP Code:
$this->data['bootstrap_css'] = base_url('assets/templates/kigh_bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css'); 

inside the view to parse:
<!-- Bootstrap core CSS -->
<link href="{bootstrap_css}" rel="stylesheet">

Also I did it with JS !

Enjoy Wink