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Full Version: Use of the forum search engine
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I wanted to know if there were any special characters to use in forum searches please? I search for example all posts that mention "Google Facebook" and the search engine returns 0 result... Yet I created a post that speaks :

I may not be using research well ?

Otherwise, it is unfortunate that it is not more precise or limited than a single search term, because it makes it difficult to access information and may result in duplicate post, what do you think about that ?  Rolleyes
It are using the keywords OR and AND.

google OR facebook
Will return threads containing the word google or facebook.

google AND facebook
Will return threads containing both words.

google facebook
Will only return threads with the exact sentence "google facebook", yours had "google and facebook".
Thanks this tips is not show on the webpage, it will be a nice idea to add.

Have a nice day Wink