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Full Version: Development server HMVCHow to Pick Yourself the Best Mattress Toppers?
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It is common sense that a good night’s sleep is a crucial thing in your entire life no matter who you are, what you are doing or how busy your job is. But the achieving that is not always easy. Many of us suffer every day from insomnia, lack of sleep, and disrupted sleep. As a solution, some try to work out harder, eat healthier, and some spend so much money on a luxury mattress.

What if, you do not have time for the first solutions and neither have a budget for the second one? What if you still want to feel nice and cozy on your “old as the earth”, overly-firm mattress? Purchasing a good topper will be the solution for you which also provides you with extra protection to your mattress.

⇇⇇⇇ Picked For You: [Image: efa5hL8.gif] Top Rated Mattress Toppers

Here are some of the top mattress toppers we selected for you:

1. Layla Topper Review

The New Layla topper still features traditional memory foam however adding many modifications. For instance, this product provides copper infusion, allowing you to sink with full comfort. The fact that copper once compressed gets stronger and more rigid, offers extra support to maintain excellent alignment for your spine during sleeping.

You can feel this support as soon as you lie on the topper. Therefore, the Layla topper is recommended as the best mattress topper for ones who have issues with pressure points or lightweight people who are unlikely to feel the deep contouring support from the mattress on its own.

[Image: ErqPiut.jpg]

The feeling from New Layla topper is outstanding since the fabric brings you the best sense of silkiness among all other mattress topper models. And their secret is a proprietary softening process that is unique in terms of feeling but also efficient in terms of moisture resistance.
New Layla topper is also the best kind of mattress topper and in the Best Mattress Topper Reviews [Image: 3PEkWqr.gif] when it comes to motion isolation. You may not pay attention to this issue if you are a single sleeper, however many of us suffer from disturbed sleep resulting from the movement of someone sleeping beside us.

The next thing many customers are concerned about is heat transfer, since none of us wants to wake up at the middle of the night with a sweaty back. The new Layla topper have two features that ensure your mattress remains cool, which are the copper gel beads and the cover with a thermoGEL cooling agent. The first one absorbs your excess heat and the latter contributes to the dissipation of heat buildup.

The price for this high-quality mattress topper is just under $400 and you will get a five-year warranty.

2. Sleep Innovations 4 Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

It is not an overstatement to say that the Sleep Innovations dual layer is the fluffiest topper on the market and therefore the most comfortable mattress topper as well.

This product is composed of an inner filled with fiber which gives you the feeling of sleeping on a giant pillow and a 2” gel memory foam layer at the bottom which provides additional rigidness to the topper.
This design is really smart since many other one-layer toppers even though quite soft and comfortable, are annoying when you are constantly moving on the sleep surface. Sleep Innovations dual layer makes four elastic edges with the fiberfill cover so that it fits securely on the foam.

[Image: fTa51j4.jpg]

The 2” gel memory foam layer is also well-designed for people who suffer from pressure point pain or mild back pain since aligns your spine aligned naturally.

The heat retention from Sleep Innovations is indeed very impressive. It is one of the fast and [Image: O1FrcdE.gif] Top Rated Mattress Toppers for cooling down body temperature.

Last but not least, the ten-year warranty offered by Sleep Innovations quite exceeds your expectations.


The two products reviewed above are outstanding. They come with different designs and features but both are great for providing you with comfort and a cool body temperature as you sleep.
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(12-24-2019, 09:04 AM)InsiteFX Wrote: [ -> ]Most Linux server require all lowercase filenames I would check that first.

That is entirely wrong.

Perhaps you meant to say most Linux servers are case-sensitive making very important that your class names and files name match exactly in a case-sensitive manner.

(12-23-2019, 01:52 AM)hercules97 Wrote: [ -> ]I have no clue what the difference could be between our live Linux server and my Debian server.

Have you checked file/folder ownership and permission settings on the Debian machine?

What, if any error message are you getting?
Try setting error_reporting(-1); in the index.php file and ensure it is not reset in any other files then check the PHP error log.

Also check the error setting in the application/config.php file and check the Ci error log files.

If there are no errors showing then force an error such as echo $zxc / $cxz; and investigate why the error logs are not reporting correctly.