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Full Version: File and class names
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Hi all,

I have a question (actually more than one, but let's start with this...) about the nomenclature of files and classes in CI4.

Controllers, docs give two version with and without "Controller" termination:

PHP Code:
// Case 1
class Name extends Controller {} // Using Name.php

// Case 2
class NameController extends Controller {} // Using NameController.php 

It is the same, or just a doc error?

For the model I can see only the "NameModel" version using NameModel.php

For the entity only the "Name" version:
PHP Code:
class Name extends Entity {} // Using Name.php 

I can use all like this:
- NameController extends...
- NameModel extends...
- NameEntity extends...
without problems?

Thank you!
Yes, you are free to name them however you would like.
Just make sure that the first character is uppercase.