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Full Version: Handle meta tags
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Hi, first of all, happy New Year!

I need advice how to organize my site and database structure

For example, i have 2 pages on a site - Home and Posts

And i need give to an admin possibility to add meta keys and meta description for this pages.

So with every single post everything clear - just in post add meta fields, show them on a specific post-page and we are done!

meta fields above relate to posts and stay in posts table

But what about meta fields for Home and Post, where list of posts!? Maybe i need to create custom table for this other pages?

So i am thinking, Home and Post are controllers! And I could tie controllers and this second table with additional meta info?

Create some table meta_info with controller name(or uri) and specific for them meta columns!?

So my needs is to know best way to solve this task! What would be the best? Share with your own solutions, advices, tips.

Just in short, that i get the idea! Many thanks!
Seems that question is very very difficult Sad
Hold on . i will give you some thougts later on (im busy the laste weeks)